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You're looking for someone to help you let go of pain and move into a fuller life

You want to know why your neck, back or hip keeps hurting, or why your your condition never improves

You're looking for somebody to talk to who has experience and tools to help you explore a greater life than what you're living now

We might be a good fit to work together if you said 'Yes!" to any of those suggestions.
And you have come to the right place.

Your body is part of an intergral system that works not only as a vehicle for you to get things done and work through your daily life but it also works like an antenna, sending and receiving signals. These signals are a way for you to communicate energetically with the outside world. And the basic calibre of your body's inner signal plays a direct role in your day to day life.

Do you know that healing painful areas of you body can also improve your Life Path?

Clearing out stiffness, releasing the cause of dizziness, back pain or maybe even correcting broken bones that mended wrong, will help you radiate a newer, brighter energetic signature that can help shift your life into greater happiness, fulfillment and prosperity. Your body has storehouses of patterns and beliefs - maybe even some fears, that are tucked in along with that chronically sore area. When released, your whole life can open up to new and different possibilities. And with this new lightness you will begin a healing unlike anything you have ever encountered so far.

Please browse the "Services" section to discover some of the methods I employ to create the tremendous results so many of my clients have attained.

Touched By Grace has been effectively helping people lose their pain and approach life with renewed vigour for almost 15 years.

I'm Grace Howlett. And I am here to offer you the best of my experience and training to help you get the most out of your life.

CranioSacral Therapy • Hypnotherapy Reflexology • Reiki

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Grace Howlett
Grace's work is thorough and shows she has years of experience. She has been a caregiver most of her life and is sensitive to what her clients are going through. Understanding pain from many angles has given her the insight, and the impetus to help others find the missing parts of their lives and finally heal their bodies. Grace has taken training from many teachers and is certified in several modalities. She is always eager to learn and likes to apply that learning in useful ways.

New Location!!

Touched By Grace has moved to 2706 13th Avenue, Regina SK. In the Head to Heal Wellness Centre. I'll be local to other very talented healers: Naturopathic Doctors, a Traditional Chinese Herbalist and Massage Therapists. I'm very excited to be working at this location and looking forward to bringing the best I have to offer. You can call and book an appointment at (306)-543-4325.


Lasting Results

Grace was very gentle in her treatment approach.  The quality of her work was superior with immediate and long lasting results after a few sessions. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to make changes in their health and life to try her work.
-Gladys Heisler

Instant Relief

I had relief right away and felt better for quite some time. I have had follow-up sessions and am now living comfortably and much happier.
-Rose K

Pain Gone

I would like to say that after only 2 visits I am feeling more rested. I do not have an ache in my left shoulder. I didn't notice it, until I tried to turn my head around and I was surprised that I could do so, without any discomfort. I think my overall health is improving.
-Evelyn I
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