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Counseling Hypnotherapy


    Counseling Hypnotherapy

 Do you have a spot in your life where you feel stuck?

 Does changing a bad habit feel like a constant fight and struggle to make any improvement?

 Are you plagued by indescision and unable to move forward?

 These, and many other common issues, are common problems that can effectively be helped with hypnosis.

 Hypnotherapy uses the natural -and common- state of hypnotic trance to bring insight, awareness and healing to many areas of living. Because it is using your own unconscious wisdom you will be able to make changes to your life, move on towards that goal you've been stuck at for so long, or perhaps heal a broken dream. The uses for hypnotherapy are as varied as the people who benefit from it.

Since it allows us to make changes at such a deep level, it can have a very profound effect on your life. I like it because trance creates the shift, and then adjustment follows and it can be a very gentle and healing process. Usually we fight ourselves and try to make change. Using hypnotherapy seems to remove the blocks and then a new way of being replaces the old often in a surprising and organic way.

The Counseling aspect is an important addition because the point is for you to move forward in what you are wanting. These sessions allow and encourage discussion and thoughtful consideration along with the hypnosis.

You can make an appointment with ease at any time using the online booking calendar.

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