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Ionic Detox


The Ionic Cleanse Detoxifying Foot Bath  is a safe and easy way to help your body get rid of accumulated toxins that are collecting in various places in your body.

Each day we are exposed to substances that are not very good for us. These substances are chemicals which when absorbed by the body affect our tissues, our brains and our hormones.  When we absorb too much of these our body reacts in various ways.

Some of the symptoms we may have from toxicity are:

  • Lethargy (extremely tired)

  • Skin rashes and psoriasis

  • Digestive issues

  • Menstual / Menopausal issues

  • Brain fog

  • Aching joints

Thanks to the A.M.D. IonCleanse┬« machine it is easy for almost everyone to get rid of their toxic burden.  All you have to do is sit for 30 minutes with your feet in a pan of warm water!

Cleansing with the ionic foot bath is gentler and easier on the body than fasting, sweat baths or cleansing with herbs.  These other methods take huge energy and resources from the body in order to get the released toxins out.  Using the ionic foot bath method allows a gentler release as the toxins leave the body through the skin submerged in the water.

As with any healing or cleansing method one session will not reverse years of accumulated debris.  However single sessions are even beneficial to help your body unload some of it's burden.  Some cleaning is better than no cleaning at all.

It is recommended that for fully and completely detoxifying your body, do several sessions over a period of months, with breaks in between.

I offer Single, Bundled and Multi-Session packages designed to help you clear toxins as economically as possible.

** The IonCleanse is not recommended if you have a transplanted organ or are taking any medication in which missing a dose would seriously affect your health.**

More Information

Skeptics claim that toxins cannot be released through the pores.  While there is no acclaimed scientific documentation supporting ionic cleansing I do offer this chart of lab results taken from 9 different people doing 9 sessions of 30 minutes each.  For comparison a sample of water from a 30 minute session with NO FEET in the water was also submitted.

Click Here to read the chart.

How it Works:

During a session a very small DC current is circulated through 7 metal plates inserted into the pan of water.  I use the machine created for Robert Moroney and is built by A Major Difference in the United States.  This machine is electrically grounded through itself and in my opinion is the best and safest ionic cleanse machine out there.

The IonCleanse┬« machine can reverse the polarity of the plates, always running 4 plates in either positive or negative polarity and 3 in the opposite polarity.  The result of the current running between the sets of plates breaks up the ions in the water and releases either Oxygen or Hydrogen gas depending on the  polarity the array is running, and the water will be changed to either acidic or more alkaline.

However during the course of the session the overall ph of the water is alkaline with a large release of OH- ions which are beneficial to health.

It is believed that the process of Osmosis and Diffusion are the principals at work which allow the body to release toxins through the skin.

Since the current breaks down any chemicals in the water first before working on what your body releases I use Reverse Osmosis water for the cleansing baths.  This means you get the fullest treatment possible.  

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