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I've been talking to the angels since I was a little girl.  Hearing them speak back is called channeling and I've been doing that since 2000.  Hearing angel voices is actually something natural for us to do.

Voices of angels are usually charming, insightful, loving and kind, and not without their own sense of humour.  Often they use terms of phrase that are a little different than what we are used to.  

There are multitudes of angels.  Each has its own specific purpose and personality.

The angels are multi-dimensional beings whose focus, here on earth, is to help us get the job accomplished we came here to do.  There are angels involved in corporations.  There are angels involved with mice.  There is not a job to great or too small that they will not be involved in.

You have angels with you always. They work with you, guide you and sometimes protect you. They know everything about you. They know what you are struggling with and what your dreams are. They also know your past, past lives even, and they know what's in your future and they might be working with you towards some goal.

Your angels are always in communication with you. What I offer is a chance for you to have open discourse with them, to ask questions and hear their reply.

In an Angel Reading I will most likely use several decks of cards to help me focus more clearly on the messages your angels have for you.  You are encouraged to respond and ask questions of the guides that come in to share information during your reading.  It is possible that one or more techniques will be used to help you clear an issue with the help of the angels.

I offer 2 lengths of time for a reading:  Half-hour, and 45 - 60 min.
You will receive a CD of your recorded reading so you can refer to the messages again later.

A reading session.
Readings By Distance

You don't have to be physically present to do a reading with me.  You can have a reading done over the phone, by Skype or even emailed to you in a written format.

I don't usually supply a recording of the distance session, however I can mail you a CD for an extra shipping charge anywhere in Canada.

Reading Over Distance

Psychic / Angel / Mediumship Reading done by distance either by phone, Skype or Email.

$ 80.00 Add
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