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Intuition can be a favourable tool when it's used correctly. As an intuitive I pick up on very subltle energies and wavelengths and decipher and translate them into information for you. This may take various forms... sometimes the guides chat, ask questions and offer information. Sometimes they give information about things in your future, or bring up things in your past that you misunderstood. I can work as a medical intuitive, seeing things that are going on in your body which may help you decide on a course of action but must never be taken as a medical diagnosis. Occasionally a deceased person may come in and deliver a message or make a connection. There is no set formula. Your session will be unique and delivered about you.

The guides are higher-dimensional beings whose focus, here on earth, is to help us get the job accomplished we came here to do and help raise the vibration of the Earth. There is not a job to great or too small that they will not be involved in.

You have guides with you always. They work with you, guide you and sometimes protect you. They know everything about you. They know what you are struggling with and what your dreams are. They also know your past, past lives even, and they know what's in your future and they might be working with you towards some goal.

In a Reading I may use cards to help me focus more clearly on the messages your guides have for you. They are a tool which helps me focus and 'tap in' on the message, and also offer a colourful aspect of your reading for you to enjoy.  You are encouraged to respond and ask questions of the guides that come in to share information during your reading.  It is possible that one or more techniques will be used to help you clear an issue with the help of these higher dimensional beings.

Readings run anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.

You can record your session on your phone or I can record it for you to download later.

Set up a session to explore your questions now:

A reading session.
Readings By Distance

You don't have to be physically present to do a reading with me.  You can have a reading done over the phone, by Skype or Zoom or even have them emailed to you in a written format. Your reading can also be made available as a download for you after the reading if you would prefer that option.

Contact me to set up a distance session.

Reading Over Distance

Psychic / Angel / Mediumship Reading done by distance either by phone, Skype or Email.

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