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This treatment has its roots in very ancient healing methods that have been traced from China, through Egypt and then to North America.

Using Foot Reflexology is very helpful for:

  • Removing stiffness in the body

  • Clearing up digestive issues

  • Helping with detoxification, especially of the liver

  • Coping with stress

** Reflexology has shown to be very useful for patients going through chemotherapy treatment by helping the patient overcome the effects of the chemo and also the stress surrounding cancer treatment.**

Reflexology is a healing modality, not a foot massage.  With Reflexology very specific areas of the foot have a corelating response on certain organs and systems. We work with gentle but firm pressure and help the body clear, balance and heal by stimulating it through these reflex points.  

A full treatment is one hour.  In this session the entire body will have received care -- through the feet.
An even better treatment is one and a half hours long.  This treatment allows me enough time to give extra attention to areas that are under stress and also to re-connect energy paths that have been disrupted.

You can make an appointment with ease at any time using the online booking calendar.

If your problem is more structurally based I recommend CranioSacral Therapy.  To visit that page CLICK HERE.

Professional Work

I have been to see Grace for a number of times now. I have had Reflexology, CranioSacral and ..... the professionalism that I receive is incredible. I had a lot of pain and with treatments it seems to subside. Thank you Grace.
- Lee

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