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Reiki is perhaps one of the better known energy-healing modalities.  Its history goes back to the early 1900's with Mikao Usui in Japan as its initiator and then flowing into the United States via Hawaii and Hawayo Takata in post World War II.

Reiki healing is a softer form of healing, though still very potent.  This treatment focuses on your energy field which both surrounds you and holds your entire body.

A Reiki treatment is recommended when:

  • You're feeling tired and drained
  • You've been around a lot of electromagnetic equipment (like computers or lab equipment)
  • You have emotions that are just "stuck" and you can't seem to get past them
  • You have Grief from any kind of loss

During this one-hour session you recline on the massage table, with your clothes on, and relax to soothing music while I run the Reiki energy through my hands and gently balance, clear and mend your field.

Your session may call for, or you may request, that we use crystals to further clear, heal and charge your field.

You can make an appointment with ease at any time using the online booking calendar.

A Reiki Treatment Underway

Helped Me Find Myself

Grace has enlightened my world with her training as a Reiki Master teacher
She has a very calm uniqueness in teaching you how to help yourself and others by opening us how to heal from the inside out
I have walked away with positive awareness after a session with Grace
Thank you Grace.
-Ljiljana P

Reiki By Distance

Receive energy healing remotely.

$ 65.00 Add

Energy Work over Distance

Reiki Healing Energy can be sent to another person (or animal) who is not with me in the same room.  This may seem like a strange concept but is similar to the way your TV or radio works even though your receiver (tv or radio) is not near the source of the signal.  They catch the energy waves of the correct frequency that are in the air and draw them in. The energy stream they're playing is invisible but it is still there.

Reiki works the same way.  With knowing who to send the energy to, I can help this person by sending them the Reiki energy and work on their field in a similar way as if they were in my treatment room.  

There is no distance too great for this. All it takes is focused intent on my part, and the permission to receive on the recipient's part.

This gives great opportunity for loved ones far away or unable to come in for sessions.  It's also great for convalescants and follow-up between sessions.

Treatment times are shorter than a regular session, at a half-hour per session.

Please contact me personally to arrange a time, recipient and payment.

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